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The League

Membership area for members of The League, the leading community for people who want to maximise the sales of their courses, memberships and digital products using email marketing.

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Email Marketers’ Game Plan

Access the PDF and video walkthroughs so you can deploy any of these 12 fill-in-the-blanks email campaigns to make more sales of your online programs, webinars and courses.

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Rescue Mission

Save your business from underperforming email marketing. Use this framework to create the deepest, most trusting relationship with every subscriber on your list, from Day 01.

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The Complete Daily Email Strategy

How to send MORE emails, filled with personality and have subscribers love it... at the same time as selling in every single one that you send. Your subscribers will love you for this.

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ELEVATE Email Marketing

This 4-module email marketing masterclass features our most powerful email campaign: The Anticipation to Action sequence along with our frameworks for making your email marketing more effective, impactful and persuasive.

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First 5K

A complete system to build your list by creating a stand-out, unique lead magnet that your ideal customers cannot wait to download, then bring crowds of people to it using no-lost and low-cost traffic methods.

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Remote Control Persuasion

Be more influential and impactful without having to resort to unreliable, fragile, psychological ‘tricks’. Our framework gives you the power to persuade, even when you’re not in the same room.

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Easily build surveys, quizzes and application forms that integrate with your marketing systems so you can segment, qualify and automate.

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