Grow My List


Use this track to navigate your step-by-step path through some of the content inside The League that will help you to grow your email list as quickly as possible.

Mark each step off as you complete it and proceed to the next one.

Once you’ve finished this track either start another one or go ‘off road’ and check out the rest of the content in The League.

Create A Lead Magnet

You need something to offer your audience in exchange for their email address.

Unfortunately most lead magnets are ineffective and that means people suffer with low subscribe rates and more expensive ads.

  1. Make sure your lead magnet predisposes subscribers to become customers.

    Most lead magnets actually kill your ability to sell to your email subscribers. Use our advanced ‘Boat and Island’ Framework to make sure your lead magnet not only attracts subscribers, but is the first stage in your sales process:.
    Click here to watch our training on it.
  1. Use our Ultimate Lead Magnet Checklist

    Use our 14-Point checklist to make sure your lead magnet is battle-ready.
    Click here to access it.

Create Your Opt-In Page

Our lead magnet doesn’t matter if how you describe it doesn’t excite the hell out of people who land on your page to ‘opt-in’ and get it.

  1. Go beyond mere features and benefits by using our 4-SOCS framework to write words that compel people on the deepest levels. Click here to watch the training.